Blushing Beginnings

Hi Blush Neutral,

I just made you and sort of explained why on your about page, but I figured I need a more proper introduction.

I’m a second semester senior in college right now, and I’ve just finished the rite of passage that we call the senior thesis. (It was my second time around, but that’s not a fun story.) Now I’m supposed to be enjoying what we call “PTL,” or “post-thesis life.”

Everyone’s finding their own way of living it up, but I’ve done this last year too and my PTL last year was not a lovely time. I was battling obesity, lost, confused, somewhat depressed, and just generally unhappy.

This year, I still do have struggles, but I’m in a much better place. I’m just generally excited to move on to the next chapter on my life, wrap up this one in the best way possible, and have a summer of recharging and self-improvement. Among other PTL plans (maybe I’ll write a full list later) I also wanted to start a space where I could grapple with anything I’m thinking about, ranging from personal issues and self-improvement to fashion, food, and entertainment interests. One of my PTL/graduation resolutions is to start thinking more carefully and try to ramble/rant less to those around me, so this will be where I develop and curate my thoughts before presenting them to my social circles. In essence, this will be like my online diary of sorts.

College has been hectic, and like every other person, I’ve made many choices that weren’t exactly wise or could have been (a lot) better. I can’t say that I’ve had the chance yet to learn everything I could have from those experiences, and I’m still very much a work in progress. Hopefully having this space will help me reflect, digest/process what’s gone on in the past four years, and pave the path to a new and improved me. I can’t wait to fill you up with all of the mess that exists in my head!

So here’s to a lovely new relationship!




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