Sleep problems

After pulling a few all-nighters for my thesis, I’ve been unable to correct my sleep schedule even after submitting.

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since I submitted and I either fall asleep after the sun has risen or right after dinner, neither ideal.

In the beginning it was just the timing that was off, but now even the amount is totally crazy…I slept 11 hours last “night” from 7am to 6pm!

This is taking a toll on my workouts too, as in I usually can’t fit any in because I’m struggling to do the things I have to do when I’m awake.

I’m still wondering what the explanation is: spring fatigue? intense recovery from thesis? graduation denial? all of the above?

Hopefully tonight I’ll finally be able to correct this problem. If not, tomorrow I’m enlisting a ton of coffee to help.

Fingers crossed!


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