The irony of friendship

I’ve experienced a LOT in interpersonal relationships, especially friendships.

There’s many things I could say and am still figuring out, but here’s my random tidbit of the day.

There seems to be an irony in that with the friends who aren’t worthy of you, you could always be struggling and making extreme efforts to keep the friendship but still lose it over something inane; something that may not even have been your fault.

The worthy friends will forgive and forget easily even when you actually did do something wrong.

Plus, overall, the good friendships feel effortless even when you’re doing/going through hard things, while the bad ones drain you even with the little things.

Or at least that’s how my life has seemed to play out these past couple of weeks.

If only we could know for sure before all that effort has been wasted on the wrong people…Is it just me who has always had trouble with that? I always seem to ignore the warning signs when I feel endlessly drained by a relationship.

In any case, one thing for sure is that availability is not the only standard of whether that friend is worthy or not, and it may even be the worst standard. The always available friend could just disappear in your time of need, or you could always be there for each other but just be exhausting each other. One lesson thus learned the hard way.

To be revisited.


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