A Weekend of Partying

This weekend has been so hectic.

On Thursday, after my last undergraduate class ever, I had dinner and a wine night with my girls, then Friday was Houseparties Formals, Saturday was my friend’s senior piano recital, carnival, and semis (which I didn’t go to, just stuffed myself at the carnival), and today was Lawnparties.

I basically just had enough time to sleep, recover, edit and upload pictures, prepare, and go eat and party again.

It was hectic, I didn’t think of anything other than partying, and it was amazing.

Now the weekend is coming to an end, and I need to recover some more during reading period while chill-writing papers…

I still can’t believe it was my last Houseparties weekend/Lawnparties. Eight semesters have really just flashed by.

It was so nice to meet new people, get to know people I had always known about but never gotten to know, and realize how many friends I have to appreciate and be grateful for 🙂 Ending formal college debauchery (minus the graduation celebrations) on a sweet, mellow note!


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