Blush Neutral.

demographics: age 23, female, Korean, living and educated in America, college grad, current MA student/Ph.D applicant, multilingual (first language Konglish), bicultural

status: figuring things out + has figured some things out + always updating

interests (stream of consciousness has led to much overlap here)

sociology, culture (esp. pop culture esp. korean pop culture but not limited to either), fashion, beauty, tv, movies, chick lit, non-chick lit, fitness (clean eating, pilates, yoga, ballet, among others), people, figuring out people, observing people, taking flattering photos of people, food (esp. trying fancy new foods, ethnic foods, cheeses, wines, and desserts), sociological research, business research, technology (not coding itself, just learning about it), shopping, helping friends shop, obsessively researching/reading up on everything i’m interested in and telling everyone about my findings, matcha & earl gray, kind bars, cooking, baking, writing, rambling, expressing my feelings to everyone and anyone who will listen, analyzing my thoughts and feelings, analyzing everything, making lists, planning my life and changing said plans all the time, sleeping, pink, crafts (knitting, sewing, embroidery, weaving, cross-stitching, etc etc), my kindle, shaping people’s eyebrows, cutting my split ends, self-manicures (all the time)

Okay I’m stopping there. You’ll get more of an idea as I write posts, but this was just a taste of what goes on in my life/mind.

Why is this blog called blush neutral?

When I was about to graduate college, I decided to clean out my wardrobe and figure out (really coldly and objectively, because you get really attached to your clothes) what I wore and what I didn’t. I gave away or donated everything that got cut, and was extremely happy with my trimmed-down, streamlined wardrobe (but I still have to do more culling, my wardrobe was immense! More on that another day). I realized that I mostly just have pinks, ivories, and blushes left in my wardrobe, with only a few notable exceptions. Blush tones (pink, peach, everything in between) flatter me the most, and they also happen to be my favorite colors; it just took my stripped-down wardrobe to hammer the point home. So they’re my neutrals, which is the reason I first thought of “blush neutral” when I wanted to create a personal space for myself online. Then it seemed to represent my life, too. I can be brash, confident, and outspoken, but inside I’m always blushing and soft and girly, much to my own (and everyone else’s) surprise. I also consider myself to be a neutral person, not for lack of opinion, but because I’m constantly analyzing and re-analyzing all points of views. In other words, I strive for a neutral attitude of learning and reflection in life, even though I’ll try to be strong-willed and stick by my conclusions, however temporary they are, once I’ve made them.

In summary, “blush neutral” represents me and what you’ll find on this blog. Hard-core analyses and opinions, girly thoughts and feminine information/ideas, and constant re-evaluation. As I’ve mentioned above in my interests, I love researching/reading up on things I’m fascinated with + thinking about my life/thoughts and telling EVERYONE around me about them. Hopefully having this blog will help me stop talking everyone’s ear off. It’s mostly a personal space, but if you stumble upon this and get some enjoyment out of it, that’s a side benefit I’m completely happy with!


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