Social Media and Eating Disorders

This seems a lot more relevant given the whole posting about food and not eating it issue that I posted about (re: Instagram “youdidnoteatthat”)


The modern mystery, solved?

I’ve really, really been wondering about all these skinny girls who tell me they never work out and starve themselves to get thin but always post pictures of popular, trendy, high-calorie foods and pose with them on social media.

Do they make themselves throw up afterwards? Do they work out like crazy? Or do they just take pictures and not eat the food?

Well, apparently I wasn’t the only one wondering. Here’s someone who thinks they just don’t eat the food after taking the pics:


If this is true, it makes me feel so much better, since I always have to struggle to eat trendy desserts and treats and then balance myself by eating clean and working out for an entire week…